From concept, to installation, to after-sale support, Arctic Energy offers full-cycle service. Our proficient team takes a total systems approach when determining your energy requirements. The result is an engineered microturbine power system customized to your unique energy needs.

We're your business partner who will help you with the power and environmental decisions that make sense for your bottom line. Our team is involved through the entire process to create a customized power system that supports your socially responsible facility. We offer a Factory Protection Plan (FPP) with full factory support for the long-term operation of your Capstone microturbine system.

Our staff of highly skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to troubleshoot and correct a problem remotely or dispatch a technician to the site if needed, anywhere that you are.

907-382-7772 / 909-228-2924

Allow Arctic Energy, Inc. to connect you with this 'clean and green' technology. Our strength is in maintaining working relationships from initial analysis to integration, deployment, and servicing. We are here to provide support in making your facility environmentally friendly and efficient by providing you onsite power where and when you need it!