Arctic Energy, Inc. is a specialized provider of Distributed Generation in extreme environments. Our prominent enterprise is representing Capstone Turbine Corporation, and their onsite Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology. Arctic Energy currently provides all Capstone factory support services including conceptual design, field trained installation, system commissioning functions and all Factory Warranty and Factory Protection Plan Programs. Arctic Energy joined the global distributor network in 2012 to ensure that Capstone's Alaskan fleet exceeds customer operational expectations. We also educate end users on the benefits of onsite combined heat and power and distributed generation. With a history of experience in selling and servicing energy saving technologies, Arctic Energy is proud to be representing the most cutting-edge solution yet; the power to be energy independent with Capstone Microturbines.

Arctic Energy, Inc. provides a range of energy solutions which include: design and implementation of energy savings projects, energy efficient retrofits, alternative energy solutions, efficient power generation systems and energy supply solutions. We specialize in combined heat and power systems and distributed generation. To our great advantage, Arctic Energy, Inc. is the Authorized Distributor of Capstone Microturbine systems in Alaska.

Arctic Energy Inc. began in 2012 as a wholly owned subsidiary of an Alaska Native Corporation, providing a broad range of renewable/sustainable solutions. We are now a privately-owned corporation, and continue to push into new frontiers, focused solely on CHP and Distributed Generation. Arctic Energy has become one of the foremost authorities on cold weather and extreme environment CHP installations with Capstone Microturbines. We currently have the farthest north Microturbine CHP applications in the world on Alaska's North Slope Oilfields, as well as the National Science Foundation's environmental study outpost at Summit Station, Greenland.

We are also currently working on the farthest south CHP turbine installation in the world, at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Arctic Energy Inc. maintains a large Alaskan fleet of Capstone microturbines, predominantly in the Oil & Gas industry, Military bases, and State of Alaska facilities. Our fastest growing sector is the private/commercial business market, especially hospitality, medical, and manufacturing.