Energy as a Service

Energy as a Service Overview

Commercial, institutional, and industrial customers are increasingly looking to outsource energy management functions due to the growing complexity of available energy technologies. Capstone Green Energy can provide an Energy as a Service (EaaS) solution that requires no out of pocket capital expense and is tailored to meet the needs of each customer. Capstone Green Energy can provide short term and longer term solutions to help you reduce your energy expense with no upfront cost and provide a long-term service solution to keep your equipment performing in top condition for the life of the project, reducing risk and assuring you receive the benefit you expected.

Aftermarket Support & Services

Through our global distribution network, Capstone's Aftermarket Support and Service organization provides direct service to end users. This broad network of professionals, from field technicians to service engineers, is available 24/7 and globally positioned to provide same day support. Capstone also offers emergency inventory and repair support through its distribution partners. With over 60 million cumulative operating hours in the field, Capstone microturbines have proven to be the reliable power generation solution that experts in multiple industries depend on.

Industry-leading Customer Service

  • Capstone Factory Protection Plan (FPP)
    A factory protection plan from Capstone Green Energy minimizes downtime and fixes maintenance costs, ensuring your microturbine system will operate when needed and perform as intended at the lowest total cost of ownership. Our FPP features all in cost protection support for any product related issue in the field for up to nine years.

  • Authorized Service Providers (ASPs)
    Factory trained professionals provide full service capabilities whenever they’re needed. Over 1,200 ASPs are available to support units currently in the field.

  • Capstone Service Network (CSN)
    Monitors and records key data on the operation and performance of your microturbine(s) every day of the year. Service is performed by local factory trained and certified technicians to minimize system downtime.

  • Parts and Repair
    Authorized distributors maintain an ample parts inventory to maximize availability in the field. Regionally located factory service centers provide technical support, parts and field service capabilities.

  • Training
    Factory Service Training center conducts weekly trainings for our certified service providers to ensure all certifications are up-to-date. Online training for key skill refreshers is also available.


Capstone Call Center Parts and Service Support
Toll-Free Tel: 1 (866) 4-CAPSTONE or
1 (866) 422-7786
Direct Tel: 1 (818) 407-3600
Fax: 1(818) 734-5382

European Service Center
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