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There are various items to consider when selecting the correct Capstone equipment for your business. Here you will find answers to questions regarding system sizing and product support.


We are always available to answer any additional questions you may have.



Arctic Energy provides technical support to engineers, contractors, ESCOs, and consultants who have questions regarding product specification and functionality.

Here detailed questions can be answered and equipment quotations generated.

Call 907-382-7772 or complete the Site Survey Form and e-mail to


Site Survey Form
Arctic Energy-Capstone-Site-Survey.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [137.5 KB]


System Sizing is the process of sizing the equipment to match your facility’s thermal  and electrical needs. We have created a site survey form which asks you to input your building’s energy usage and select the type of HVAC you currently operate.


Along with the survey form, we ask that you provide a year’s worth of electric, gas, or steam data, and email that data here to Arctic Energy, Inc.

With these pieces of information, Arctic Energy will be able to determine which Capstone unit will best fit your project.


The project economics are initially derived from our site survey along with a year’s worth of electric and gas bills. 

With this data, we are able to provide a preliminary cost analysis, which qualifies your facility as a viable application, as well as shows the estimated payback figures and assumptions.


  • Cash Purchases
  • Short term payments available
  • "No Cash" Power Purchase Agreement - Enjoy the benefits of CHP just buying monthly/annual energy from it. Find out more by clicking here: Capstone Energy Finance
  • Lease purchase options


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