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Arctic Energy Inc. began in 2012 as a wholly owned subsidiary of an Alaska Native Corporation, providing a broad range of renewable/sustainable solutions. We are now a privately owned corporation, and continue to push into new frontiers, focused solely on CHP and Distributed Generation. Greg Porter, President and CEO of Arctic Energy has been educating end users on the various technologies available to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency for over 25 years. Arctic Energy has become the de-facto authority on cold weather and extreme environment CHP installations with Capstone Microturbines. We currently have the farthest north Microturbine CHP applications in the world on Alaska's North slope Oilfields, as well as the National Science Foundation's environmental study outpost at Summit Station, Greenland.

We are also currently working on the farthest south CHP turbine installation in the world, at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Arctic Energy Inc. maintains an Alaskan fleet of over 100 Turbines, predominantly in the Oil & Gas industry, Military bases, and State of Alaska facilities. Our fastest growing sector is the private/commercial business market, helping businesses save up to 45% on their total energy costs.


About Capstone

Capstone Turbine Corporation® is the world’s leading producer of low-emission MicroTurbine systems, and was the first to market with commercially viable MicroTurbine energy products.  With thousands of MicroTurbine systems shipped to customers worldwide, and millions of operating hours, Capstone continues to successfully provide solutions to customer’s energy needs.

Capstone MicroTurbine solutions help you improve your operation by putting you in control of your energy costs.  Advanced engineering and more than 100 patents put the Capstone MicroTurbines in a class of their own.  By integrating an aero-based turbine engine, a magnetic generator, advanced power electronics, and air bearing technology, Capstone MicroTurbines are an ideal solution to today’s distributed generation needs.

Our MicroTurbines have just one moving part, no gearbox or other mechanicals, and use no lubricants or hazardous materials, resulting in minimal maintenance while providing reliable, dependable performance.  Capstone MicroTurbines can operate on a variety of gaseous or liquid fuels and emit very low emissions, making Capstone a clean, green, reliable source of energy. The MicroTurbines can be installed individually or multi-packed and can function in parallel or independent from the grid.  Our MicroTurbines are compact, lightweight, affordable, quiet, and provide a robust and reliable solution to your energy needs.

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